J-Doll La Rue De Rivoli Review

After waiting for a good (more or less) month, I finally got my very first J-Doll which is La Rue de Rivoli. I’m from the Philippines and I needed an overseas help to get this doll from Ebay.com. If you’re looking for the best priced J-doll online, you can try this store. They have a vast selection of J-dolls for only $39.99. Another store is this one which sells J-dolls for only $36 but I noticed that they have limited variety of dolls available. Back to my original topic, presenting my lovely La Rue de Rivoli *drumrolls*

Bimbolera J-Doll Review

The front view of my J-Doll’s box.

I’m sooo in love with her that I look like this right now!

It’s not visible in the photo but the J-doll’s box was a little dented. My middleman in the US who helped me in getting this doll told me that my order was delivered as it is. The box alone was inserted inside the courier’s pouch without bubblewrap or anything to secure it from delivery mishaps. That’s not a problem unless the doll was broken.

The rear view of the box.

As you can see on the previous image, there’s a white note on the back of the box which contains precautionary notes and other production details of the doll. It’s also stated there that J-Dolls are only to be played by people who are 15 years of age and above.

The right side, left side and the top view of the box looks the same as the photo above.

The design of the box is in gradient color of metallic violet and metallic red with tiled image of a silver rose.

This is how my doll looks after removing her from the box.

As you can see, the box wherein she is attached on is in pink with a tiled image of roses in a darker shade of pink. Her accessories include an umbrella, a pair of pink shoes and her doll stand which are also fastened on the carton.

The rear view of the carton where my doll is attached on.

La Rue de Rivoli is securely attached on the carton. I really think J-Dolls are properly fastened to its box compare to the Takara dolls.

There’s also a note included on how to assemble the doll stand.

The doll stand to be assembled.

The doll stand has a screw like process wherein the metal stand should be screwed in the plastic platform which is in teal. I’m not sure if the horizontal part of the metal is supposed to be a little tilted on a certain degree. I was actually expecting it to be parallel with the platform.

The teal platform has a brick like look and feel.

A closer look to the doll’s adorable accessories, an umbrella and a pair of pink shoes. The shoes are actually in pink, it just looks like lavender.

Her lovely opened umbrella.

I was in awe when I opened the umbrella. I actually went like this:

I find its engineering very nice because it made me feel like using a life-size umbrella. A soft snap will be felt once the umbrella has been completely open and vice versa. I also admire the dainty and shabby articulation of the umbrella.

My exquisite La Rue de Rivoli.

How her back looks like.

How her skirt’s hemline looks like and an up close look at her lace stockings.

I noticed that her lace stockings has a little rip on it. It’s slightly disappointing but oh well, I have my own lace socks and this thing happens all the time.

Why, hello there my fair lady. Is it sunny or rainy outside?

Her pink hair and it’s style was superb. It’s really cute though the texture of the hair was a little hard.

I assume that hairspray was used to hold her locks. There were also stitches on her hair for added security. The hair on top of her head was hard as well because of the vertical swirl that must be securely fixed. Artificial roses and leaves made out of cloth were inserted at the bottom of her straight up bun.

A closer look on her beautiful face.

Her eyes are in brown that’s why the details in it are inconspicouos. I just hope her eyes were in lighter color, that would make her more perfect. Her lips were in shade of brown so as to complement the color of her hair. There were also fine lines on her lips but it’s not visible in the photo.

My first bet for a J-doll was Koningslign. I like her 19th century themed dress specially her lime-like eyes. The lighter the shade of the eye, the more details will be visible. Below is her photo:

The reason why I went for La Rue de Rivoli is because I really adore her quirky pastel outfit. She looks like a magical girl to me. I adore her eccentric but fancy hair style as well which makes her a notch higher than Koningslign for me.

Her complete wardrobe without the umbrella.

Starting from left is her corset, her bodice or blouse, then her shabby skirt. Her little choker with rose on it is located on top of her lace stockings.

I’m glad that I chose a doll with light color coordinated clothing. I’ve seen some reviews that J-dolls with dark colored dresses tend to stain the doll’s skin. I’m glad that didn’t happen to me. If ever I’ll be purchasing again next time, I would go for J-dolls with light colored palette.

Nude J-doll body.

Now this is the part of my review where my hopes starts to crumble down. Some sides of my J-doll was not properly polished. There were random protruding chip here and there.

Back of the nude J-doll body.

Upper Body

The line between the upper arm and the elbow enables me to rotate it in full 360° but it has to be done gently. I have also read that J-dolls have a brittle body that’s why I was really careful when I deboxed it. It’s a ball-jointed doll but not all the obvious parts are moveable. Never ever force a hinge or a joint to twist or turn because it might break. It’s extremely fragile. My J-doll is in Type 4 Pullip body. Though I’m not sure what is that.. I’m not a fan of oversized headed dolls.

Both of her hands can be rotated in 360° but only the left arm can make a forward and backward movement. The hinge of her left hand is not loose enough to make the movement easy. A little caution is needed again to prevent it from breaking.

Her dainty little feet.

Her toes were slightly contiguous and the feet were not facing forward. I didn’t force it to rotate to it’s correct angle because the hinge of the knee can’t turn sideways.

Another disappointment I’ve had was about the rotation of her legs. Both her calf can move forward and backward but the thigh area can only do so little. Her right thigh can be lifted past knee length while the other thigh can’t do the same. The scary part is hearing screeching metal or plastic sounds while rotating both legs.

Trying out a different shot using other elements like Re-ment and a pink chair. I really think she can be a fairy of sweets.

J-Doll beside Takara Jenny.

I tried comparing my J-doll to my other Takara Jenny doll. Obviously, Jenny is much taller than La Rue de Rivoli, maybe about a centimeter. J-doll’s body is also slimmer. I tried testing La Rue’s outfit on my Jenny but it didn’t fit her which made me conclude that Takara dolls have bigger upper body than J-dolls.

In addition, J-doll’s complexion is much more paler than my Takara Jenny. She also have that very timid smile and creepy eyes for some people but for me, her eyes are much sharper in contrast with Jenny’s adorable stare and sweet smile.

ren’t they adorable in their own different ways?

Will I buy another J-doll again and why?
Yes, I will buy another one and it would definitely beKoningslign. Why? Because J-dolls are pretty. That’s my only reason. J-dolls are not sturdy and prone to breakage that’s why it’s not recommended for children and people who brutally play with their toys. Sorry for the term. Also if you’re looking for a robust doll, I don’t recommend this one. Doll collectors only purchase J-dolls because it’s nicely articulated (specially the clothing and the eyes) and they are pleasant to look at. On the other hand if you’re a cautious and careful in playing with dolls, you can go get one.

Finally, I do hope you’ve learned something from this post. That’s all folks! ♥


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