Creating New Hard Drive Partition Using Easeus

Note: images below are not yet updated. Will change them soon. My apologies.

I’ve bought a new laptop and my default hardrive has a 500GB capacity. We all know that Drive C: is our Primary/Default Drive right?

I was searching on how to create new partitions then I stumbled upon this free software named Easeus. Please do note that this free software can only perform basic tasks like partitioning, merging and some functionality I’m unaware of.

Here’s the first sample UI of Easeus. I’ve boxed the important buttons I’ll be using later on.


Here’s the step by step instruction:

  1. First, click on the Drive: to be partitioned which is shown on the first image above. The selected Drive: will be highlighted. Then click on the Resize/Move button on top whic is boxed in red.
  2. After doing so, a popup box will appear and it will look something like this:
    2You can adjust the file size of the default partition, which is the drive C: either by entering the exact value or by dragging the circular button (boxed in orange). After defining the value of the default partition, it will be shown in the area of the image above which is boxed in violet. Then click the OK Button if you’re satisfied with the declared partition and the popup box will disappear.
  3. Now, click on the unallocated partition so it will be highlighted. It’s shown as the grey drive on the same area boxed in violet. Then click the Create Button on top (sorry it’s not displayed on the previous images) then it will display a popup like this: 3
  4. On the 3rd image, there’s  an option to name the unallocated drive in the input area boxed in grey. After that, select the desired Drive: letter which is boxed in pink.
  5. Finally, see the first image again. Find the Apply Button boxed in green and click it. Two seperate popups will appear one after another, just click on Yes for both popups. It’s about confirming the partition changes made and allowing the computer to reboot so created partition drives will be applied.
  6. VOILA! Check on My Computer to see your new 2 partition Drives.

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