jQuery Getting Value and Text from Select Tag

I often forget this code so here it goes. Here’s the jQuery part:

$('#firstSelect').live('change', function(){
val = jQuery(jQuery('#firstSelect').find(":selected")).html();

while here’s the HTML part:

<select onchange="" name="attributes" id="firstSelect">
<option value="">Color/Finish</option>
<option value="4294860237">Black</option>
<option value="4294860179">Gray</option>
<option value="4294860020">Beige</option>
<option value="4294860011">Charcoal</option>
<option value="4294858068">Tan</option>
<option value="4294857128">Camel</option>
<option value="4294851209">Khaki</option>
<option value="4294851194">Medium stone</option>
<option value="4294851193">Slate gray</option>
<option value="4294851192">Dark slate</option>
<option value="4294851190">Dark khaki</option>
<option value="4294851189">Taupe and khaki</option>
<option value="4294843384">Cashmere</option>


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